Cells adherence to the extracellular matrix is one of the most common and widely studied phenomena. This process plays an important role in the life of multicellular organisms, which can affect cell motility, differentiation, cell cycle, proliferation and survival. It is also widely studied with different methods.

Two methods are available at Creative Bioarray for the research the cell adhesion: pre-colored and after-colored. Both of them are of high sensitivity and accuracy, which can realize rapid and quantitative evaluation of cell adhesion.

One of the methods that can be used to study the cell adhesion is that cells are seeded in the pre-coated stripwell plate. When cells adhered to the coated substrate, they will be captured. Then, the cells which failed to adhere will be washed away. The adherent cells will be stained and detected and quantified in a plate reader or in a fluorometer. This method is versatile since we can get the plate pre-coated with different matrix such as chemokines and cytokines.

 Cell-colored Adhesion AssayFigure 1: The results of different cell adhesion assays

The other way is that cells are labeled and seeded in the pre-coated plate which contains matrix substance. Cells which can adhere to the matrix will be captured and detected by fluorescence output. This method has great advantages such as the ready-to-used stripwell plant allows greater sensitivity and affords flexibility to assess the number of cells. It also can conduct and compare different cell adhesion simultaneously, which is time and labor saving.

 Cell-colored Adhesion AssayFigure 2: The process of cell-labeled adhesion assays

With integrated set of cell adhesion systems featured with excellent robustness & reproducibility, high and ultra-sensitivity, Creative Bioarray provides reliable, rapid and cost-effective cell-colored adhesion assay.

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