Astrocytosis is a pathological condition characterized by the abnormal proliferation and hypertrophy of astrocytes, which are a type of glial cell in the central nervous system. It is commonly associated with various neurological disorders such as brain injury, neurodegenerative diseases, and brain tumors.

The expression of TGF-β1, a cytokine, increases quickly following central nervous system (CNS) injury. This increase in TGF-β1 leads to the activation of specific transcription factors, which are proteins that control the rate of gene transcription. These activated transcription factors then promote the production of fibronectin, collagen, and actin. These molecular changes are crucial for tissue repair and the restoration of function in the damaged CNS.

Given the pathological implications of astrocytosis and its involvement in disease progression, there is an urgent need to develop new therapies aimed at neuroprotection against TGF-β1-induced astrocyte trans-differentiation. Creative Bioarray's Astrocytosis assay is a powerful tool that allows researchers to investigate fibrosis-related parameters on TGF-β1 induced Human primary astrocytes.

TGF-β1-induced Astrocyte Trans-differentiation

TGF-Beta1-induced Astrocyte Trans-differentiation


  • Evaluation of biomarker: Fibronectin, ASMA and Collagen
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