Small interfering RNA (siRNA, silencing RNA) is a double-stranded RNA with a length of 20 to 25 nucleotides and has many different uses in biology. RNA interference (RNAi) is an ancient biological phenomenon that has been discovered in recent years and is widespread in the biological world. Specifically, it refers to the silencing of specific target genes at the post-transcriptional level guided by double-strand RNA (dsRNA), where exogenous or endogenous mRNA is the target of degradation, with the participation of specific enzymes. It is currently known that siRNA is mainly involved in the phenomenon of RNA interference (RNAi). In addition, it is also involved in some reaction pathways related to RNAi, but the reaction pathways of these complex mechanisms are currently unclear. Creative Bioarray provides you with high-quality apoptosis-related siRNA vectors to help you extract RNAi in all cell types.

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CDAP-411 Control siRNA Vector (pGB-control) Inquiry
CDAP-412 siRNA Cloning Vector (pGB) Inquiry
CDAP-413 pGB Hsp90 siRNA Vector Mix Inquiry
CDAP-414 pGB CIAP-2 siRNA Vector Mix Inquiry
CDAP-415 pGB CIAP-1 siRNA Vector Mix Inquiry
CDAP-416 pGB AIF siRNA Vector Mix Inquiry
CDAP-417 pGB BID siRNA Vector Mix Inquiry
CDAP-418 pGB Bcl-2 siRNA Vector Mix Inquiry
CDAP-419 pGB BAD siRNA Vector Mix Inquiry
CDAP-420 pGB BAX siRNA Vector Mix Inquiry
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