Creative Bioarray has been committed to cell biology technology research for many years. Based on advanced technical equipment and complete platform construction, we can provide customers with qualitative analysis and detection services for studying cell death.


Cell death is always involved in cell experiments, presenting problems during certain tests. Non-specific staining of dead cells will increase the imaging background and affect the sensitivity of detection. The staining of dead cells will also affect the correct ratio of results. Therefore, quantitatively detecting death cells is very important.

Our Services

Creative Bioarray has established a complete cell culture platform, equipped with complete animal experiment-related detection and analysis equipment. We can provide customers with a variety of basic cytological experiments. Our services include but are not limited to:

Trypan Blue Staining Service

Trypan blue is a blue cell viability dye that cannot enter the cell interior through a complete cell membrane. After the cell dies, the stability of the cell membrane is lost, and trypan blue can enter the cell and stain the cell blue. Therefore, in cell experiments, it is often used to distinguish live cells from dead cells, and to detect the integrity of cell membranes.

Trypan blue staining principle Figue 1. Trypan blue staining principle

Experiment Process

 Experiment process

LIVE/DEAD Flow Cytometry Analysis Service

Living cells / dead cells fixable stains are fixable viability dyes that help to ensure accurate assessment of cell viability in samples after fixation and/or permeabilization.

This method is based on the reaction of fluorescent reactive dyes with cellular proteins. These dyes cannot penetrate the membranes of living cells, so only the proteins on the cell surface can react with the dyes to produce weak staining. These reactive dyes can penetrate the damaged cell membranes of dead cells and stain the internal and external amines to achieve brighter staining.

LIVE/DEAD™ fixable dead cell staining Figue 2. Living cells / dead cells fixable staining

Advantages of This Experiment

  • Eight single-channel fluorescent colors, covering UV, 405, 488, 532, 561 and 633nm lasers, flexibly meet the needs of experiments
  • Live cells and dead cells can be clearly distinguished, even after fixation. Dead cells that affect the accuracy of the results can be easily eliminated
  • Compatible with almost all staining and immunophenotyping schemes

Customer Notice

Customers provide

  • Cell samples
  • Experiment content
  • Test purposeand requirements

We deliver

  • Experiment process
  • Instruments and reagents used
  • Photos and relevant analysis data
  • Complete experiment report

Experiment cycle

The time depends on the experiment content

Advantages of Our Services

  • Short time

    We have a complete cell culture platform and self-developed cell biology products, which can shorten the testing time and deliver results as quickly as possible.

  • High standard

    The experimenters have many years of successful experiment experience and can guarantee the standard of experiment operation and experiment process.

  • Complete instrument platform

    We have many types of microscopes and flow cytometers and other instruments with high resolution.

  • Cheap price

    We provide customers with the most comprehensive services at the most favorable price, and help customers save scientific research funds reasonably.

  • One-stop technical service

    We provide one-stop services such as cell culture, cell staining and photo taking.

If you are interested in our services, please contact us for more detailed information.

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