Programmed cell death is the most basic life activity of cells. It is essential for multicellular organisms to remove unnecessary or abnormal cells and maintain the homeostasis of the internal environment. Creative Bioarray provides ferroptosis-related mitochondria detection services to make your research on ferroptosis more accurate and convenient.


In 2012, scientists from Columbia University reported a process of programmed cell death in which death depends on intracellular iron ions and lipid peroxides, and named it ferroptosis. Numerous pieces of evidence show that ferroptosis plays a crucial role in organ damage, neurodegenerative diseases, tumors and other diseases, and has shown great potential in tumor treatment.

Mitochondria are the center of cell material energy metabolism and the main place for the formation of reactive oxygen species in cells. When ferroptosis occurs, the ultramicroscopic morphological characteristics show that the cell mitochondria become smaller, the membrane density increases, the mitochondrial ridges decrease or disappear, and the mitochondrial outer membrane is broken. Under the electron microscope, the mitochondria within the cell became smaller and the density of the double membrane increased.

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Mitochondria are closely associated with ferroptosis. Mitochondrial membrane potential detection and morphological observation are common methods for detecting ferroptosis. Our services include but are not limited to:

Main Methods to Characterize Mitochondrial Function in Ferroptosis

Biological ContextReagentsFunctions
Morphology observation TEMDetectingultrastructural mitochondrial morphology changes in the occurrence of ferroptosis
Mitochondrial oxidative stress MitoSOXDetectingmitochondrial superoxide formation in live cells
MitoTEMPOItisamitochondrially targeted antioxidant, a specific scavenger of mitochondrial superoxide. It can be used in combination with MitoSOX reagent as positive control
MitotrackerFluorescent dye that stains mitochondria in live cells and its accumulation is dependent upon membrane potential. It can be also used coupled with MitoSOX, in order to stain mitochondrial superoxide and mitochondria together
Mitochondrial membrane potential(ΔΨm) TMREQuantifying changes in mitochondrial transmembrane potential (ΔΨm) in live cells by flow cytometry, microplate spectrophotometry and fluorescent microscopy

This table summarizes the available methods and reagents used to explore the pivotal mechanisms and alterations involving mitochondrial function in ferroptosis.

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