Cancer cells often evade apoptosis, a vital regulatory mechanism of programmed cell death. Apoptosis plays a crucial role in eliminating abnormal or aged cells, acting as a natural defense against the formation and progression of tumors. Understanding and modulating apoptosis is a key strategy in the pursuit of effective cancer treatments, especially in addressing resistance to conventional therapies.

Apoptosis Assay

Creative Bioarray provides a comprehensive range of cell death assay services to explore events associated with apoptosis, such as mitochondrial membrane permeabilization, caspase activation, surface exposure of phosphatidylserine, and more.

Methods for Detection of Apoptosis

  • Caspase 3/7 Activity
  • Caspase 3 Cleavage
  • Annexin V Staining
  • Mitochondrial Membrane Potential
  • ROS Quantification
  • AK Leakage
* For scientific research only

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