Cancer Metastasis

A cancer metastasis in vitro assay is a laboratory-based experiment designed to study the process of cancer metastasis using cell cultures and controlled conditions. This type of assay allows researchers to investigate the various steps involved in cancer cells breaking away from the primary tumor, invading surrounding tissues, entering the bloodstream or lymphatic system, and forming secondary tumors in distant organs.

Cancer metastasis in vitro assays have several applications, including:

  • Basic Research: Understanding the mechanisms underlying cancer metastasis.
  • Drug Development: Screening potential anti-metastatic drugs or therapies.
  • Target Identification: Identifying molecular targets that may inhibit metastasis.
  • Personalized Medicine: Testing how specific patient-derived cancer cells behave in terms of metastasis.

Creative Bioarray could assist researchers in better understanding the mechanisms underlying cancer metastasis and potentially in evaluating the effects of different compounds or treatments on cancer cell adhesion and migration.




* For scientific research only