Apoptosis refers to the active and orderly death of cells through gene regulation in order to maintain the homeostasis of the internal environment under physiological or pathological conditions. It has been found that a variety of factors can act on mitochondria, causing changes in their microenvironment as well as their structure and function to mediate or initiate cell death. Changes in mitochondrial membrane potential and membrane permeability are also an important feature of apoptotic cells. When cell apoptosis occurs, the electron transport chain and energy metabolism of mitochondria are destroyed, and the mitochondrial permeation transition pores are opened, which affects permeability. The release of cytochrome c activates caspase to induce apoptosis. In addition, mitochondria also produce reactive oxygen species.

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CDAP-253 TMRE Mitochondrial Membrane Potential Assay Kit (Fluorometric) Inquiry
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CDAP-256 Mitochondrial Permeability Transition Pore Assay Kit Inquiry
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CDAP-258 Mitochondrial DNA Isolation Kit Inquiry
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CDAP-262 Mitochondrial Complex IV Activity Assay Kit Inquiry
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