Aβ oligomerization refers to the process by which individual Aβ peptides assemble into small, soluble aggregates called oligomers. Aβ oligomers are considered particularly toxic to neurons and are thought to play a crucial role in the development and progression of Alzheimer's Disease. They can disrupt synaptic function, induce inflammation, and promote oxidative stress, all of which contribute to neurodegeneration.

Creative Bioarray's Aβ oligomerization assay provides a valuable platform for screening compounds or drugs with potential to modulate Aβ aggregation. Compounds demonstrating effectiveness in preventing or reducing Aβ oligomerization hold promise as potential therapeutic candidates for Alzheimer's Disease.

ABeta Oligomerization Assay

Evaluation of Aβ Oligomerization

  • Imaging of oligomers
  • Quantification of oligomers
* For scientific research only

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