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Pyroptosis, also known as inflammatory necrosis, is a kind of programmed cell death. The main feature is that the cells continue to swell until the cell membrane ruptures, resulting in the release of cell contents and activating a strong inflammatory response.

Studies have shown that pyroptosis is widely involved in the occurrence and development of infectious diseases, nervous system-related diseases and atherosclerotic diseases.

The in-depth study of pyroptosis will help to understand its role in the occurrence, development and outcome of related diseases, and provide new ideas for clinical prevention and treatment.

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The morphological characteristics, occurrence and regulation mechanism of pyroptosis are different from other cell death methods such as apoptosis and necrosis. Pyroptosis is programmed cell necrosis mediated by gasdermin D (GSDMD). Once this happens, the N-terminus of the GSDMD protein polymerizes and binds to lipids, forming holes in the cell membrane. The cells gradually swell until the cells rupture, and finally a large amount of cell content such as IL-1β is released, which activates a strong inflammatory response.

There are many methods for detecting pyroptosis:

Detect morphological changes
  • Scanning electron microscope to observe cell morphology
  • TUNEL staining
  • Immunofluorescence staining (GSDMD/GSDME)
Detection of pyrolysis-related proteins
  • qPCR/Western Blot method to detect the expression level of Pyroptosis-related Genes or Proteins.
  • ELISA to detect the level of inflammatory factors.
  • MTT method to determine cell viability.

Creative Bioarray provides you with a variety of pyroptosis detection methods.

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Creative Bioarray has a professional testing platform and an experienced scientific research team. We can provide scientific researchers with one-stop detection services of pyroptosis.

  • Evaluation of experimental projects
  • Formulation of experimental protocol
  • Preparation of experimental samples and reagents
  • Experimentation
  • Result analysis
  • Delivery of laboratory reports containing raw data, images, and results
  • After-sales service

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Experiment contentDelivery contentExperiment cycle
Detection of the Expression Level of Pyroptosis -related Genes or ProteinsPictures, raw data and experimental reportThe time depends on the experiment content
Pyroptosis Related Inflammatory Factors Expression Level DetectionRaw data and experimental report
Immunofluorescence Staining of GSDMD/GSDMEPictures and experimental report

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