Researchers commonly employ genetically modified cell lines expressing mutant forms of the amyloid precursor protein (APP) or microtubule-associated protein tau (Tau) associated with Alzheimer's disease (AD). These tailored cell lines provide a potent tool for investigating the impact of Aβ peptide or Tau aggregation. By replicating precise genetic mutations associated with AD, researchers can gain deeper insights into the fundamental mechanisms underlying the disease.

Creative Bioarray's in vitro genetic AD models offer a platform for screening inhibitors of Aβ peptide or Tau aggregation.

Available Cells

  • Cell Line for APP Processing Assay
    APP-GFP Stable Cell Line - MDCK
    APP-C99-GFP Stable Cell Line - U2OS
  • Cell Line for TAU Assay
    Tau-TM-GFP Stable Cell Line - U2OS
    Tau-GFP Stable Cell Line - SH-SY5Y
* For scientific research only

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