Several different types of cell death, such as apoptosis, autophagy, necrosis, ferroptosis and pyroptosis, that can occur in tumor cells under various conditions. Each of these processes represents a distinct way in which cells can die, often with specific molecular mechanisms and implications.

It's important to note that in cancer, the balance between these different types of cell death can be complex and context-dependent. Understanding these processes and their interplay is critical for developing targeted therapies and interventions.

Researchers and clinicians aim to manipulate these cell death pathways to either promote cancer cell death or inhibit cell death in normal cells, depending on the therapeutic goal. However, achieving such manipulation requires a deep understanding of the intricate molecular mechanisms underlying these processes.

Creative Bioarray provides services for investigating diverse tumor cell death types in vitro. Our comprehensive platform empowers researchers to examine how different treatments or conditions affect various cell death pathways in tumor cells.






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