Tumor Vascularization

Tumor cells require nutrients and oxygen to thrive. For cancer to grow beyond a certain size, it must trigger vascularization, driven by various molecular mechanisms. Tumor vascularization is critical for cancer progression and maintenance, and it can be a target for therapy. Hence, angiogenesis assays are extensively employed in cancer research.

In vitro assays for tumor vascularization have several applications, including:

  • Understanding Angiogenesis: Investigating the mechanisms of angiogenesis and how tumor cells influence blood vessel formation.
  • Drug Screening: Testing potential anti-angiogenic drugs or therapies that target tumor blood vessel formation.
  • Mechanistic Studies: Identifying molecular pathways and factors that regulate angiogenesis in the context of tumors.

Creative Bioarray's offers tailored in vitro assays for tumor vascularization. Our services encompass personalized assay design, execution, provisioning of cell lines, matrices, growth factors, and outcome analysis.


* For scientific research only