Cell invasion is the ability of cells to migrate from one area to another through the extracellular matrix. Both normal and cancer cells exhibit cell invasion in response to specific external signals, including chemical and mechanical stimuli. During invasion, the extracellular matrix is enzymatically degraded by cellular proteases before cells migrate to a new location. Cell invasion is required for normal processes such as wound repair, vasculature formation, and inflammatory responses, as well as for the abnormal invasion of tissues by tumor cells during metastasis.

Our cell invasion assay kits utilize the Boyden chamber, where cells invade the matrix and then migrate through a semipermeable membrane in the Boyden chamber in response to agonist or inhibitory compounds. The percentage of cell invasion can be analyzed directly in the plate reader. Our kits can be used to screen, study, or characterize compounds that affect cell invasion, and are easy to use, sensitive, and suitable for high-throughput systems.

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MAIA007 Cell Invasion Assay (Basement Mem), 96-well, 8 µm Inquiry
MAIA008 Cell Invasion Assay (Laminin), 96-well, 8 µm Inquiry
MAIA009 Cell Invasion Assay (Collagen I), 96-well, 8 µm Inquiry
MAIA010 Cell Invasion Assay (Collagen IV), 96-well, 8 µm Inquiry
MAIA011 Cell Invasion Assay (Fibronectin), 96-well, 8 µm Inquiry
MAIA012 Cell Invasion Assay (Basement Mem), 8 µm Inquiry
MAIA013 Cell Invasion Assay (Laminin), 8 µm Inquiry
MAIA014 Cell Invasion Assay (Collagen I), 8 µm Inquiry
MAIA015 Cell Invasion Assay (Collagen IV), 8 µm Inquiry
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