Cell Necrosis Assay


Cell necrosis is a permanent cell or living tissue death induced by external or internal physical (heat, stress, radiation), chemical (strong alkali, strong acid and poison), or biological (endotoxin and pathogen) factors. Necrosis is chaotic, disorderly, and uncontrollable. Once it happens, it is difficult to reverse.

The metabolism of necrotic tissues or cells stops and their functions are lost. There are many causes of necrosis. Any factor that can cause damage, as long as its effect reaches a certain intensity or lasts for a certain period of time, completely stopping the metabolism of the damaged tissue and cells can cause the death of local tissues and cells. 

There are six types of cell necrosis:

cell necrosis

  • Coagulation necrosis
  • Liquefactive necrosis
  • Gangrenous necrosis
  • Caseous necrosis
  • Fat necrosis
  • Fibrinoid necrosis

Our Services

Creative Bioarray provides a variety of efficient and innovative tests and reagents for identifying dead cells, detecting cell cycle, cell proliferation, cell viability and cytotoxicity. We can combine these testing services with apoptosis and other testing services according to your needs. We help you customize experiments to determine the mechanism of cell death and provide you with true and reliable test results.

For a detailed introduction of apoptosis detection technology services, please refer to each service below. Our services including but not limited to:

Service Process

Creative Bioarray can provide you with one-stop cell necrosis related testing services.  Some of our services are qualitative cell death testing, cell proliferation testing, cell cycle testing, and cytotoxicity testing. We guarantee the accuracy and reliability of our experiment results, relying on our experienced scientists and advanced technology platform.

cell necrosis


The customer shall be responsible for the materials and information provided, such as experimental delays or economic losses caused by inaccurate information. And information provided by the customer shall be borne by the customer.

Experiment contentDelivery contentExperiment cycle
Qualitative Detection
       of Cell Death
Pictures and experimental reportThe time depends on the experiment content
Cell Cycle DetectionPictures and experimental report
Cell ProliferationPictures and experimental report
Cytotoxicity AnalysisRelevant data and experimental report

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    We have a professional technical team, they have rich operating experience and superb technology, can ensure that the inspection is completed efficiently and accurately.

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    We have high-quality and rich product lines, which can provide you with high-sensitivity and high-specificity apoptosis detection reagents.

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    All experiments have signed confidentiality agreements, focusing on protecting customer privacy.

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