Cell Ferroptosis Assay


Ferroptosis is a new type of cell death discovered in recent years. It is oxidative cell death induced by small molecular substances, which is iron-dependent. Its occurrence is caused by the imbalance between the production and degradation of lipid reactive oxygen species (ROS) in cells.

At present, we have a partial understanding of its morphology, biology, and mechanism pathways, but the process of ferroptosis involves multiple mechanisms and is precisely regulated by signal pathways. 

Therefore, further in-depth study of the mechanism of ferroptosis and its role in different types of diseases are of great significance for finding therapeutic targets for related diseases and the development of targeted drugs.

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The commonly used detection indicators for iron-dependent cell death are summarized as follows:

MorphologyObserving cell morphology using transmission electron microscopy
Cell levelIron level detection
Active oxygen detection
Mitochondrial membrane potential
Molecular levelIron death related genes and protein expression (qPCR, WB)
Subcellular levelMitochondrial morphology observation

The client needs to provide a preliminary experimental plan and provide relevant background information. Creative Bioarray can assist you in completing the design of the overall protocol. Our iron death detection services include but are not limited to:

Service Process

Relying on a professional testing platform and an experienced scientific research team, Creative Bioarray can provide a variety of ferroptosis detection methods and customized ferroptosis detection services for the scientific researchers.

  • Develop ferroptosis detection plans according to the research purpose and requirements
  • Perform the experiment according to the plan
  • Analysis and processing of experimental results
  • Delivery of pictures and report results
  • After-sales service

Ferroptosis Detection


Experiment contentDelivery contentExperiment cycle
Intracellular Iron Level DetectionPictures and experimental reportThe time depends on the experiment content
Active Oxygen Level DetectionPictures and experimental report
Detection of Ferroptosis Related Genes and Protein ExpressionRelevant data and experimental report
Ferroptosis-Related Mitochondria DetectionPictures, relevant data and experimental report

We promise to provide objective and fair experimental results, but due to the uncertainty of scientific experimental results, we do not make any commitments as to whether the experimental results meet expectations.

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