Apoptosis Inducers & Inhibitors

Autophagy is a biological process that exists in all eukaryotic systems to help cells maintain homeostasis. Autophagy is a non-apoptotic form of programmed cell death, which has different signaling pathways and regulatory factors from apoptosis. The degradation and recycling of cellular components in autophagy are controlled, and there are three different forms, including macroautophagy, microautophagy and chaperone-mediated autophagy. Autophagy is regulated by the activity of mTOR1 kinase, which is inhibited when the autophagy process is induced. Next, the LC3 protein assists in the formation of autophagosomes, and the mature autophagosomes bind to lysosomes and are degraded by hydrolytic enzymes in the lysosomes.

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Product Number Product Name Price
CDAP-001 Uteroglobin, human recombinant Inquiry
CDAP-002 TWEAK Receptor, human recombinant Inquiry
CDAP-003 TRAIL, murine recombinant Inquiry
CDAP-004 Tyrphostin AG 490 Inquiry
CDAP-005 TL-1A, human recombinant Inquiry
CDAP-007 Raptinal Inquiry
CDAP-008 Ready-to-use Apoptosis Inducer Set Inquiry
CDAP-009 Rapamycin Inquiry
CDAP-010 Phytosphingosine Inquiry
CDAP-012 ONC-201 Inquiry
CDAP-013 Okadaic acid Inquiry
CDAP-014 Narasin Inquiry
CDAP-015 Mifepristone Inquiry
CDAP-016 LIGHT, Murine Recombinant Inquiry
CDAP-017 LIGHT, Human Recombinant Inquiry
CDAP-018 LY573636 Inquiry
CDAP-019 Kaempferol Inquiry
CDAP-020 LCL161 Inquiry
CDAP-021 JTE-607 dihydrochloride Inquiry
CDAP-022 JNJ-26854165 Inquiry
CDAP-023 JGB1741 Inquiry
CDAP-024 KD 5170 Inquiry
CDAP-025 Indole-3-carbinol Inquiry
CDAP-026 INH6 Inquiry
CDAP-027 GDC-0152 Inquiry
CDAP-028 Importazole Inquiry
CDAP-029 Gambogic acid Inquiry
CDAP-030 Forskolin Inquiry
CDAP-031 F16 Inquiry
CDAP-032 Embelin Inquiry
CDAP-033 Etoposide Inquiry
CDAP-034 Doxorubicin.HCl Inquiry
CDAP-035 DMXAA Inquiry
CDAP-036 Daunorubicin.HCl Inquiry
CDAP-038 Cyclosporine A Inquiry
CDAP-041 Creatine Kinase MT, Human Recombinant Inquiry
CDAP-042 Colchicine Inquiry
CDAP-043 CAY10603 Inquiry
CDAP-044 Camptothecin Inquiry
CDAP-045 Carboplatin Inquiry
CDAP-046 BV6 Inquiry
CDAP-047 C2 Ceramide Inquiry
CDAP-048 Brefeldin A Inquiry
CDAP-049 Bioymifi Inquiry
CDAP-050 Birinapant Inquiry
CDAP-051 BID, Human Recombinant Inquiry
CDAP-052 Betulinic acid Inquiry
CDAP-053 BAX Activator, BAM7 Inquiry
CDAP-054 AT-101 Inquiry
CDAP-055 Apoptosis activator 2 Inquiry
CDAP-057 24(S)-Hydroxycholesterol Inquiry
CDAP-058 Anisomycin Inquiry
CDAP-059 MX1013 Inquiry
CDAP-060 Emricasan Inquiry
CDAP-061 MG 132 Inquiry
CDAP-062 NQDI 1 Inquiry
CDAP-063 MSC 2032964A Inquiry
CDAP-064 TC ASK 10 Inquiry
CDAP-065 PD 150606 Inquiry
CDAP-066 p-nitro-Pifithrin-α Inquiry
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