As an experiment method,cell proliferationdetection is very important in studying the basic biological characteristics of cells and a basic method for analyzing cell state, studying hereditary characteristics and evaluating stress response. Creative Bioarray can provide you with highly sensitive and economical cell proliferation testing services. Our professional team will deliver the best solution for your studies. Please contact us for details.


Cell proliferation is an important life feature of organisms. Cells proliferate in the way of division. Through division, the replicated genetic material can be evenly distributed to two daughter cells. It is the basis for the growth, development, reproduction and inheritance of organisms.

Cell proliferation testing can indicate tumor cell proliferation activity, target gene transient/stable cell line proliferation activity, small molecule compound/peptide traditional Chinese medicine/intermediate and other drug screening and functional safety. It plays an important role in gene function research of target gene overexpression, and gene function research of target gene RNAi interference.

Our Services

Creative Bioarray has been committed to cell biology technology research for many years. Based on advanced technical equipment and complete platform construction, we can provide customers with a variety of cell proliferation testing services. Our services include but are not limited to:

DNA Synthesis Proliferation Test Service

DNA synthesis proliferation test service

The new assembly and synthesis of DNA is a necessary condition for cell growth, so it is often used to detect cell proliferation, cell viability and apoptosis. BrdU and EdU, both non-radioactive analogs of thymine, can be incorporated into the DNA of proliferating cells. By detecting the levels of BrdU and EdU, the rate of cell proliferation can be reflected.

BrdU Detection Method

BrdU is a derivative of thymine, which can be used to label newly synthesized DNA in living cells (S phase of cell activity cycle). It can be injected in vivo or added to cell culture, using an anti-BrdU monoclonal antibody to perform ICC staining to show proliferating cells. At the same time, it can be combined with other cell markers for double staining, which can determine the type of proliferating cells and the proliferation speed. It is of great significance to the study of cell dynamics.

BrdU is photosensitive, so it must be added in the dark. The cells may be light-sensitive after adding BrdU, so they are also cultured in the dark. The time and concentration for adding BrdU are determined according to the cell type and replication time, ranging from 15 minutes to 2 hours, and the concentration is from 10 μM to 100 μM.

EdU Detection Method

EdU is a thymidine analogue. EdU-Click does not require DNA denaturation. Instead, through a rapid and highly specific click chemistry response, EdU is infiltrated into the replicating DNA molecules during the cell proliferation period. Creative Bioarray detects DNA replication activity through the specific reaction of EdU with different fluorescent dyes, which can effectively detect the percentage of cells in the S phase.


  • Research on cell proliferation, cell differentiation, growth and development
  • Research on DNA repair, virus replication, cell labeling, etc.
  • Especially suitable for screening experiments of siRNA, miRNA, small molecule compounds and other drugs.

Advantages of This Experiment

  • Mild reaction conditions
  • Accurate and compatible with various antibody experimental programs
  • Short experiment time
  • Rich data results
  • Suitable for a variety of sample types and detection methods

ATP Luminescence Measurement Service

ATP is the direct source of cell energy, and the ATP content in the cell is strictly regulated. Detection of ATP can also obtain information about cell proliferation. Dead or dying cells contain almost no ATP. There is a strictly linear relationship between the ATP concentration in the cell lysate or extract and the cell number. Based on bioluminescence, Creative Bioarray uses the oxidation reaction of luciferase and its substrate luciferin to detect ATP content and provide very sensitive results. Luciferase will emit light if ATP is present, and its luminescence intensity is proportional to the ATP concentration. Both a photometer and a microplate reader that can read the luminescence signalcan be used for easy detection. This method is very suitable for high-throughput cell proliferation detection and screening.

ATP Luminescence Measurement Service

Experiment Process

ATP Luminescence Measurement Service


  • It can evaluate the effects of various drugs and biological agents on cell killing, cell inhibition and cell proliferation.
  • It can reflect the microbial content in the sample to evaluate the degree of contamination.

CFSE Testing Service

CFSE is a fluorescent dye that can penetrate cell membranes. It has cell membrane permeability and can enter cells freely. When CFSE diffuses through the cell membrane, it undergoes a hydrolysis reaction with cell endogenous esterase and emits green fluorescence. These fluorescent CFSE will further combine with the cytoskeleton protein to form a stable intracellular fluorescent protein. When the cell divides and proliferates, the intracellular fluorescent protein will be evenly distributed to the next generation of cells. Therefore, the fluorescence intensity of the cells will continue to decrease as the number of generations increases. Flow cytometry can be used to analyze cell division and proliferation.

Customer Notice

Customers provide

  • Samples includeadherent or suspended cells, frozen or formalin-embedded tissue sections, animal samples for in vivo experiments
  • The choice of experiment contents
  • Test purposeand requirements

We deliver

  • Experiment process
  • Instruments and reagents used
  • Photos and relevant analysis data
  • Complete experiment report

Experiment cycle

The time depends on the experiment content

Advantages of Our Services

  • Mutiple choices

    We provide you with a comprehensive method to detect the cell cycle, you can choose according to your needs.

  • Short time

    We have experienced technicians who have been engaged in cell proliferation testing for many years, which can help you analyze cell proliferation efficiently.

  • Complete instrument platform

    We have many types of microscopes and flow cytometers and other instruments with high resolution.

  • Cheap price

    We provide customers with the most comprehensive services at the most favorable price, and help customers save scientific research funds reasonably.

  • One-stop technical service

    We provide one-stop services such as cell culture, cell staining and photo taking.

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