Cell death is a state in which biological cells permanently suspend their physiological functions. Cell death often occurs in normal tissues, which is necessary to maintain tissue function and morphology. The main cell death modes are summarized as follows:

Regulated cell death

The orderly death of cells determined by the host generally exists during the development of organisms. When cells are stimulated by internal and external environmental factors, they will actively initiate gene-regulated suicide protection measures. In this way, unnecessary cells are removed from the body.

  • Apoptosis
  • Autophagy
  • Anoikis

The immune system discovers and removes foreign bodies, foreign pathogenic microorganisms, diseased cells and other factors that cause internal environmental fluctuations. Granulocytes, macrophages, lymphocytes, etc. use a variety of methods to kill some cells to maintain the stability of the system's internal environment. However, the hyperimmune function can cause damage to organs or tissues and cause autoimmune diseases.

  • Phagocytosis
  • Immune killing

Accidental cell death

This category of cell death refers to the virtually instantaneous and uncontrollable form of cell death corresponding to the physical disassembly of the plasma membrane caused by extreme physical, chemical, or mechanical cues. Accidental cell death will cause inflammation and body dysfunction.

  • Necrosis
  • Mitotic catastrophe
  • Entosis
  • Excitotoxicity

Atypical cell death

When apoptosis cannot occur normally and the cell must die, the cell adopts some "substitute" schemes that are different from the typical apoptosis and necrosis cell death. These death modes do not rely on the cysteine family protease pathway, and can trigger physiological reactions including inflammation.

  • Necroptosis
  • Oncosis
  • Paraptosis
  • Aborted apoptosis

Senescent cell death

In the process of cells performing life activities, as time goes by, cell proliferation and differentiation and physiological functions gradually decline. If senescent dead cells cannot be removed in time or replaced by new cells, some degenerative diseases will result.

  • Senescence
  • Cornification
  • Wallerian degeneration

Our Services

In addition to the common types of cell death, we can also test other less common types of cell death. Some of our cell death detection methods are listed below:

Service Process

Creative Bioarray has a professional testing platform and an experienced scientific research team. We can provide scientific researchers with one-stop detection services.

  • Evaluation of experimental projects
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  • Analysis of results
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  • After-sales service

Service Process


We promise to provide objective and fair experimental results, but due to the uncertainty of scientific experimental results, we do not make any commitments as to whether the experimental results meet expectations.

Customers provide

  • Test samples
  • Experimental plan or experimental roadmap
  • Special materials and reagents used in the experiment
  • References related to the experiment

We deliver

  • Quality-assured experimental reagents
  • Standardized experimental operation
  • Photos and relevant analysis data
  • Complete experiment report

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