Ferroptosis is a method of cell death that has only been discovered in recent years. The ferroptosis process involves multiple mechanisms and is precisely regulated by signal pathways. Not sure why this sentence is in the intro paragraph focused on ferroptosis. Maybe add a transition stating how they are related? Therefore, further research on the mechanism of ferroptosis and its role in different types of diseases is of great significance for finding therapeutic targets for related diseases and the development of targeted drugs. Creative Bioarray provides intracellular iron level detection services to make your research on ferroptosis more accurate and convenient.


The essence of ferroptosis is the abnormal metabolism of lipid oxides in cells under the catalysis of iron ions. This process produces a large amount of lipid peroxide, which destroys the redox balance in the cell, attacks biological macromolecules, and triggers cell death.

Unlike classic apoptosis, there is no cell shrinkage or chromatin agglutination during ferroptosis, but mitochondria shrink and lipid peroxidation increases. Traditional inhibitors of apoptosis, autophagy, and pyrolysis cannot inhibit the ferroptosis process. But iron ion chelating agents can inhibit this process, indicating that ferroptosis is an iron ion-dependent process.

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Ferroptosis is an atypical way of cell death. It is very different from autophagy, apoptosis, and necrosis in cell morphology, induction and inhibition. Our services include but are not limited to:

Intracellular Iron Level Detection Service

Iron is an important trace element in the body. The abnormal distribution and content of iron in the body can affect normal physiological processes.

Phen Green SK (PGSK) is a cell membrane-permeable dye used to monitor the intracellular iron level in living cells via flow cytometry or confocal microscopy. It shows a diminished green autofluorescence of PGSK upon binding to sufficient cellular iron. Creative Bioarray provides a simple convenient means of measuring ferrous and/or ferric ions in samples.

Experimental Principle

In ferroptosis cells, the green fluorescence of PGSK will decreaseFigure1. In ferroptosis cells, the green fluorescence of PGSK will decrease (Hirayama T, et al. 2017).

Experiment Process

Experiment process

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  1. Hirayama T, et al. (2017). Chemical tools for detecting Fe ions. Journal of clinical biochemistry and nutrition. 60(1):39-48.
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