Cell Migration and Invasion

Cell migration refers to the movement of cells after receiving a migration signal or sensing a gradient of certain substances. Cell migration is one of the basic functions of normal cells, a physiological process of normal growth and development of the body, and a common form of movement in living cells. Cell migration is involved in embryonic development, angiogenesis, wound healing, immune responses, inflammatory responses, atherosclerosis, and cancer metastasis.

Cell invasion refers to the ability of cells to migrate from one area to another through the extracellular matrix. Cell invasion is the response of normal cells and cancer cells to chemical and mechanical stimuli. The extracellular matrix is degraded by intracellular proteases before migrating to new areas. Cell invasion can occur during the inflammatory response of normal cells and often during the metastasis of malignant cells. Therefore, it is important to study the mechanisms involved in various physiological/pathological processes.

Cell Migration and Invasion

Cell Migration and Invasion

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