Fibrosis is an irreversible pathological process affecting multiple organs, primarily involving the extracellular matrix components like collagen, fibronectin (FN), and α-smooth muscle actin (α-SMA). While it's a crucial stage in organ tissue repair, severe repetitive injuries can trigger activation of local tissue fibroblasts. This activation enhances contractility, inflammatory mediator secretion, and ECM component accumulation. Consequently, this leads to tissue structure deterioration, organ dysfunction, and eventual failure, contributing significantly to heightened morbidity and mortality across various diseases.

Creative Bioarray has significant expertise in drug discovery in the field of fibrosis. In addition to a series of validated cellular models of fibrosis using liver, lung, kidney, and other fibroblasts, our biological scientists are also adept at developing customized assays for individual projects to meet customers' drug discovery needs.

Cellular models for Fibrosis

  • Cardiac Fibrosis
  • Renal Fibrosis
  • Lung Fibrosis
  • Kidney Fibrosis
  • Astrocytosis

Drug screening for Fibrosis

  • Phenotypic Characteristics
    Cell-body shape and size
    Stress-fiber formation
  • Biomarker Detection
* For scientific research only