Efferocytosis, the phagocytic removal of apoptotic cells, is a dynamic process requiring the recruitment of numerous regulatory proteins to form efferosomes in a tightly regulated manner. Creative Bioarray can provide accurate and convenient quantitative efferocytosis assay to help your research on cell death.


Efferocytosis occurs through a unique phagocytic mechanism reliant on the successful completion of three distinct steps.


  • First, "find-me" signals such as lysophosphatidylcholine are released from apoptotic bodies, inducing recruitment of phagocytes to the apoptotic cell.
  • Next, phagocytes bind apoptotic corpses through recognition of "eat-me" signals by apoptotic cell binding opsonins and phagocytic receptors.
  • Finally, the phagocyte engulfs the apoptotic corpse into an intracellular membrane-bound compartment termed the efferosome, where it is degraded.

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In cell biology, efferocytosis is the process by which apoptotic cells are removed by phagocytic cells. Our services include but are not limited to:

Quantitative Efferocytosis Assays Service

Creative Bioarray uses microscopy-based methods to enumerate efferocytotic events and characterization of the spatio-temporal dynamics of signaling molecule recruitment to efferosomes, using genetically encoded probes and immunofluorescent labeling. This protocol can be applied to studies of receptors and ligands involved in apoptotic cell recognition, as well as signaling and vesicular trafficking events regulating the degradation of efferocytosed apoptotic cells.

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