Cancer Cell Panel Screening

Creative Bioarray specializes in high-throughput cancer cell panel screening, a valuable tool in drug development. Our services include examining large panels of cancer cell lines to determine the effectiveness and toxicity of potential oncology therapeutics.

By identifying sensitive and resistant cells, we can better understand drug responses and aid in patient stratification for drug candidates and combinations. Additionally, our bioinformatics analysis allows us to link molecular features with phenotypic response, providing valuable insights into the underlying genomic factors influencing drug efficacy.

Choose Creative Bioarray for optimized high-throughput phenotypic screening and drug profiling to accelerate your drug development process.

Cancer Cell Panel Screening

Highlights of Creative Bioarray's Cancer Cell Panel Screening

  • Comprehensive, high-throughput, and cost-effective cell line screening services
  • 600+ cancer cell lines readily utilized for the single agent or combinatory drug screening
  • Screen in 2D and 3D models, spheroids or organoids
  • Integrated with downstream pharmacological services, with CDX models ready-for-use

Flow Chart of Cancer Cell Panel Screening

Flow Chart of Cancer Cell Panel Screening

Cancer Cell Panel Screening

  • 2D and 3D Cancer Cell Panel Screening

Creative Bioarray offers both 2D and 3D cancer cell panel screening services to help researchers and pharmaceutical companies efficiently evaluate the efficacy and toxicity of drug candidates.

  • Long-term Cancer Cell Panel Screening

Creative Bioarray offers a 2D Long-term Assay Drug Discovery Screening service that efficiently assesses slow-acting or epigenetic drugs in 384-well plates over a period of 10 days using a comprehensive panel of clinically relevant cell lines.

  • Combination Screening

Conduct high-throughput screening of therapeutic agents to identify innovative combinations that enhance the therapeutic potential of a lead drug and improve treatment efficacy.

* For scientific research only

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