The mitotic catastrophe (MC) is a new form of cell death, a phenomenon of cell death caused by the disorder of mitosis. It is a non-apoptotic programmed cell death pathway that has been confirmed by research in recent years and has gradually gained attention.


Mitotic catastrophe is accompanied by chromatin condensation, mitochondrial release of pro-apoptotic proteins (especially cytochrome C and AIF), caspase activation and DNA degradation.

The main causes of mitosis disasters are:

  • DNA damage-induced MC

Mitotic catastrophe may be caused by DNA damage, which directly affects the integrity of chromosomes by interfering with the mitotic spindle.

  • MC caused by mitotic defects

The mitotic catastrophe may be caused by drugs that directly interfere with mitotic spindle formation and cell division and directly affect mitosis, or the lack of proteins and protein complexes involved in the process of mitosis itself.

Death through a tragedy: mitotic catastrophe Figure1. Death through a tragedy: mitotic catastrophe[1]

Understanding how to regulate mitotic catastrophe, including the various conditions that trigger the process, the mechanisms that regulate cell death and mitotic sliding, and the genetic determinants that regulate various cell fates, will change our understanding of tumorigenesis and anti-mitotic drug therapy.

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