Autophagy degrades dysfunctional cellular components in cells through the action of lysosomes. This is a strictly regulated approach that has an important housekeeping effect at a basic level, allowing cells to survive under a variety of stress conditions. The molecular mechanism of autophagy involves a series of processes, including induction and formation of the phagophore, autophagosome formation, fusion, degradation and recycling. LC3-II, Beclin-1 and P62 are all marker proteins of autophagy. mTOR kinase is a key molecule in the process of autophagy induction. Pathways that activate mTOR, such as Akt and MAPK signaling pathways, inhibit autophagy, and pathways that inhibit mTOR, such as AMPK and p53 signaling pathways, promote autophagy.

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CDAU004 PTEN Antibody Inquiry
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CDAU006 Presenilin 1 Antibody Inquiry
CDAU008 Phospho-LC3C(S12) Antibody Inquiry
CDAU009 Phospho-Mek1/2 Antibody Inquiry
CDAU010 Phospho-IRS (Ser616) Antibody (Clone HIR-B1) Inquiry
CDAU011 Phospho-Elk-1 Antibody Inquiry
CDAU012 PDK1 Blocking Peptide Inquiry
CDAU013 PDK1 Antibody Inquiry
CDAU014 PCNA Blocking Peptide Inquiry
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