Caspases (cysteine-aspartic proteases) are a family of protease enzymes playing essential roles in programmed cell death.During the initiation and execution of apoptosis, the caspase enzyme is processed from an inactive zymogen to an active protease. Creative Bioarray can provide a variety of Caspases products and measurement methods to facilitate your research.


There are two main ways of apoptosis:

  • Exogenous pathway---activating intracellular apoptotic enzyme caspase through extracellular signals.
  • Endogenous pathway---activating caspase by releasing apoptotic enzyme activator from mitochondria.

There are basically two mechanisms for Caspase activation, namely homo-activation and hetero-activation.Caspases involved in inducing apoptosis can be divided into two categories according to the activation mechanism: initiator and effector, which play a role in the upstream and downstream of death signal transduction, respectively. Homo-activation caspase is also called initiator caspase, including caspase-8/9/10.Hetero-activation is the activation of another caspase by one caspase, which is the classic way for the proenzyme of apoptotic protease to be activated. The caspase of hetero-activation is also called executioner caspase, including Caspase 3/6/7.

Our Services

We can establish customized research programs and provide a variety of analysis techniques based on customers' requests. Our services include but are not limited to:

Caspases Analysis Service

Creative Bioarray can help detect almost all caspase initiators and caspase executioners involved in apoptosis. We have a wide variety of caspases detection techniques for you to choose from. Caspase families can be detected by Western blotting, IF, IHC or flow cytometry as an indicator of apoptosis. Caspase activity and caspase substrates such as spliced PARP can also be measured usingsimilar methods.

Service Process

service process - Creative Bioarray

Measurement Indexes

  • Caspase activity
  • Protein and gene expression

Analytical Methods

  • Western blotting
  • IF
  • IHC
  • Flow cytometry

Customer Notice

Customers provide

  • Samples include negative control and positive control
  • The choice of experiment types
  • Test purposeand requirements

We deliver

  • Experiment process
  • Instruments and reagents used
  • Photos and relevant analysis data
  • Complete experiment report

Experiment cycle

The time depends on the experiment content

Advantages of Our Services

  • Multiple choices

    We can help you detect almost all caspase-related indicators. There are a variety of detection methods for you to choose.

  • Complete instrument platform

    We have many types of microscopes and flow cytometers and other instruments with high resolution.

  • Cheap price

    We provide customers with the most comprehensive services at the most favorable price, and help customers save scientific research funds reasonably.

  • One-stop technical service

    We provide one-stop services such as cell culture, cell staining and photo taking.

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