Cell Autophagy Assay


Autophagy is a lysosomal-dependent degradation pathway widely present in eukaryotic cells. Intracellular damaged proteins and organelles are degraded by autophagy, and the degraded products such as amino acids and fatty acids are then reused by cells.

Autophagy is a highly dynamic process. The occurrence of autophagy can be divided into four stages:

  • The formation of the diaphragm
  • Autophagosome formation
  • Transport and fusion of autophagosomes
  • Cleavage of autophagolysosomes

Autophagy has a wide range of effects, and plays an important role in cell growth and development, cell death, and the occurrence, development and treatment of some human diseases such as cancers.

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Existing autophagy detection methods are mainly divided into in vitro detection (including static detection and dynamic detection) and in vivo detection. The static detection method focuses on detecting the presence of autophagy, and the dynamic detection method focuses on detecting the complete process of autophagy. In vivo testing can directly observe the results in animals.

Relying on professional technology and detection platform, Creative Bioarray can provide researchers with autophagy detection services. After normal cultured cells are intervened by autophagy inducers or inhibitors, the process of autophagy can be observed and detected.

Some of our available autophagy detection methods are listed below:

Service Process

Creative Bioarray' scientists are experienced to complete various tests efficiently and accurately to ensure that the experimental data is accurate and reliable. In addition, our laboratory has advanced fluorescence microscopes and flow cytometry systems to provide customers with high-quality imaging technology and enhance research results.

Service Process


Customers provide

  • Pre-experiment samples and formal experiment samples
  • Corresponding background materials
  • Research objectives and requirements

We deliver

  • Quality-assured reagents
  • Gene protein analysis results
  • High-resolution images taken by fluorescent microscope
  • Experimental report

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  • High-quality products and professional technicians

    We provide detection reagents with high sensitivity and specificity. We have rich operating experience and superb technology.

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    We provide a variety of apoptosis detection methods to meet customers' individual scientific research needs.

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    We provide customers with the most comprehensive services at the most favorable price, and help customers save scientific research funds reasonably.

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    We have a full set of testing equipment and professional experimental platform to provide customers with services in the shortest time.

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    All experiments have signed confidentiality agreements, focusing on protecting customer privacy.

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