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When conducting an experiment involving cell culture, it is necessary to understand the overall health of the cell population before implementing any treatment plan. Exposure to biological or chemical compounds may have unexpected cytotoxic effects on cell culture. In addition, cells grown under sub-optimal conditions may exhibit sub-optimal behavior. For example, maintaining cells at too low or too high a cell density can cause cell communication problems, which may have unpredictable effects on experimental results. Since cell death is usually the result of experiments, the ability to further determine the type of cell death occurring in the population is the key to correctly interpreting the data. New compounds may cause toxic damage to various tissues and organs. Researchers studying the effects of their new drugs or therapies need accurate tools to evaluate the overall cell treatment and results. These tests can provide important reference for drug development.

Solutions for Cell Health Evaluation

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Creative Bioarray provides a variety of efficient in vitro toxicity screening methods to evaluate the toxicity tendency and structure-toxin relationship of new compound entities to help customers select and optimize new drugs in the early stage of new drug development. We produce timely experiment results for customers to assess the potential toxicity of the test substance as soon as possible, so as to select compounds with a higher probability of success.

Using our in vivo toxicology evaluation services, we can investigate adverse reactions, determine the degree and reversibility of toxic reactions, and establish dose-effect relationships through a variety of administration routes to help customers choose clinical trial doses and predict drug toxicity. We perform clinical indication observation, histopathological analysis, gross observation, clinical biochemical analysis, hematology test and urine test according to customers' requirements.

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Creative Bioarray is a reliable provider of cell health assays. We can provide a variety of solutions to meet your different needs.

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