Endocrine disruptors refer to endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCs) that can interfere with any aspect of hormone action. Some endocrine disruptors can directly act on hormone receptors as hormone analogs or antagonists, and other endocrine disruptors can directly act on proteins that control the delivery of hormones to normal target cells or tissues.

The following are the three main mechanisms by which EDCs damage the endocrine system:

  • Disrupt the endocrine system by imitating or enhancing endogenous hormones
  • By blocking hormone receptors to prevent the effects of endogenous hormones, thereby destroying the endocrine system
  • Destroy the endocrine system by affecting the synthesis, transportation and metabolism of endogenous hormones

Endocrine Disruption Monitoring Solutions

Solutions for You

When drugs interfere with the endocrine system, it may cause developmental abnormalities, fertility disorders, increased risk of cancer, and abnormal immune system and nervous system functions.

Creative Bioarray provides customized endocrine interference analysis research and consulting services. Our safety screening service can determine whether your target compound will cause endocrine disruption. We guarantee to provide high-quality data to meet your project requirements.

Measurement Solutions In Vitro
  • Estrogen receptor transcription activation test
  • Androgen receptor transcription activation test
  • Estrogen receptor binding test
  • Androgen receptor binding test
  • Steroid production
  • Aromatase assay
Measurement Solutions In Vivo
  • Short-term reproduction test of fathead minnow
  • Rat uterine nutrition determination
  • Rat Hershberger analysis
  • Juvenile/peripubertal rat thyroid function and development  
  • Analysis of amphibian metamorphosis

Project Process

Creative Bioarray is committed to providing reliable drug endocrine interference screening and determination services. After years of development, we have become experts in the analysis of endocrine disruptors. We can provide support for your project to determine whether the drug you are studying will cause adverse effects. If you have any requirements or questions, please feel free to contact us.

Project Process

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