Programmed Cell Death (PCD) is a cell suicide mechanism developed by organisms in the long evolutionary process. It plays an important role in removing useless, redundant or cancerous cells and maintaining the homeostasis of the environment. The disorder of the regulatory mechanism of programmed cell death is related to the occurrence and development of a variety of diseases, such as neurodegenerative diseases, autoimmune diseases, malignant tumors, aging, pathogenic microbial infections, and muscle cell dysfunction. Most scholars classify cell death forms into apoptosis, autophagy, necrosis, and pyroptosis.


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Creative Bioarray has many years of research experience in cell death. We have an advanced instrument platform that can provide reliable scientific research. We have a professional research team that can formulate a comprehensive research plan to help you accurately identify and analyze the types of cell death.

Comparison of several common cell death types:

CauseInduced by physiological or pathological stimulusInduced by pathological stimulus or severe injuryInduced by nutritional deficiency or hormoneInduced by pathological irritation
Scope of actionSingle cellTissue or group of cellsSingle cell 
Cell morphologyThe film shrinks and the volume becomes smallerBulky and deformedProduce vacuoles and form autophagosomesBulky and deformed
Cell membraneRemain intact until apoptotic bodies are formedBrokenComplete membrane structureDamaged
OrganelleNo significant changesSwelling and breakageIt is swallowed by autophagosomes and finally digested by lysosomesDeformation
Genomic DNADegraded regularly and fragmentedRandom degradation, showing diffuse typeRandom degradationRandom degradation
InflammationNo inflammationRelease cell contentsA slight inflammationAccompanied by the release of a large number of pro-inflammatory factors
Molecular mechanismRelated to the protease caspases gene familyRelated to protein kinase PIP3 expressionRegulated by LC3-II, Beclin-1 and P62 proteinsInflammatory necrosis mediated by GSDMD (gasdermin D) protein

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Creative Bioarray has established an advanced cell culture platform, equipped with complete detection and analysis equipment, we can provide customers with a variety of experimental services. We can undertake detections related to the identification of cell death types, and can provide a full set of customized technical services from experimental design, cell culture, cell processing and film production, image collection, and data measurement.

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