The liver plays a vital role in transforming and removing chemicals in the body. It is also a common target tissue for various toxic substances, because its structure and function make the liver highly sensitive to heterologous organisms. Overdosing certain drugs and chemicals, or sometimes taking them within a therapeutic dose range, liver cell damage could occur. Importantly, more than 900 drugs have been reported to cause liver damage. In addition, drug-induced liver injury (DILI) is also one of the main reasons for drug withdrawal after marketing. Therefore, it is critical to determine the potential liver toxicity of chemicals in the early stages of development before the IND-enabling studies.

Liver Toxicity Solution

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Creative Bioarray has developed a variety of liver toxicity determination methods for customers. With rich experience and advanced technology, we are able to provide in vitro cell-based toxicity tests to imitate in vivo tissue studies and conduct safety assessments in the early stages of drug development. Creative Bioarray currently provides liver toxicity assessment programs including but not limited to:

In silico models

  • QSAR/Molecular descriptors
  • Structural alert

2D in vitro cell models

  • HepG2
  • Co-cultured with human hepatocytes, stromal cells
  • In vitro cell-free assays

3D liver toxicity model

  • 14 Day Hepatotoxicity Testing
  • Cross-species Hepatotoxicity Testing
  • DILI Evaluation Service
Acute liver failure
CYP assay

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Creative Bioarray can provide global customers with various toxicology assessment services, including liver toxicity evaluations. We are committed to providing customers with one-stop service in a fast and cost-effective manner. We use the most advanced technologies to bring you the best quality services.

Project Process

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