Mitochondria are the source of cellular energy and play a key role in important physiological processes such as apoptosis, calcium signal transduction, cell metabolism regulation, and the proliferation of heme and steroids. Mitochondrial toxicity refers to when the mitochondria of human cells are damaged or the number is significantly reduced. It is a side effect of certain antiretroviral drugs used to treat human immunodeficiency virus or HIV. Mitochondrial toxicity has a great impact on many organs, such as liver, heart, muscle, kidney and central nervous system. Mitochondrial toxicity is difficult to detect in preclinical animal models and humans. Therefore, preclinical in vitro testing can help you screen and reduce the mitochondrial toxicity caused by drugs as much as possible. Assessing the mitochondrial toxicity of compounds is an important function of the drug safety program, and now people are focusing on identifying mitochondrial toxicity early in the development process.

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In recent years, the mitochondrial toxicity of drugs has become an obstacle to developing many drugs and an important reason for drug withdrawal from the market. Screening for mitochondrial toxicity allows researchers to obtain data to determine the multiple inhibitory effects induced by mitochondrial toxins. Researchers can confirm the mitochondrial toxicity of the drug through in vitro screening, and further determine its mechanism of action in vitro or in animal studies.

Mitochondria are one of the common targets of drug-induced toxicity. Creative Bioarray has extensive experience in the evaluation of drug safety and toxicity, and can provide different solutions for evaluating mitochondrial toxicity. 

Functional Mitochondrial Toxicity Assay

By measuring the effects of compounds on oxygen consumption rate (OCR) and extracellular acidification rate (ECAR), cell metabolism and mitochondrial function can be reflected. The functional mitochondrial toxicity assay can help you understand the mechanism of mitochondrial toxicity.

Mitochondrial Respiratory Complex Assay  

After the cell membrane is permeated, the substrate can directly enter the mitochondria. Therefore, there is no need to physically separate mitochondria from cells. Since different oxidizable substrates participate in different metabolic pathways, complex-specific substrates and inhibitors can be used for target recognition. This experiment can help you identify individual complexes related to mitochondrial toxicity.

Mitochondrial Biogenesis Assay

High-Content Analysis (HCA) is a set of automated analysis methods that use integrated microscopes, image processing technologies and visualization tools to extract data from cells or cell populations to obtain quantitative analysis results. CD uses high-content imaging technology to detect mitochondrial biogenesis, helping you determine the ratio of mtDNA-encoded protein to nDNA-encoded protein.

Mitochondrial Glu/Gal Assay

The phenomenon that glucose or some easily available carbon source, its catabolites inhibit the transcription of some genes encoded by the enzyme system is called the Crabtree effect. The sensitivity of mitochondrial toxicants is reduced under these conditions. The Crabtree effect can be avoided by replacing the glucose in the cell culture medium with galactose. The effects of drugs on mitochondrial function can be tested by studying their toxicity in glucose and galactose media. This experiment can also determine whether this is a major effect or a secondary effect of other cytotoxic mechanisms.

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Creative Bioarray provides comprehensive cardiac toxicology services to enhance the assessment of the cardiac safety and toxicity of candidate drugs. Our services are customizable to meet your specific needs.

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