A compound library is a collection of physical compounds with specific structures or functions and their related information under a specific standard. It is usually used as a tool for new drug discovery or cell induction, to help scientists find new drug development signs. Finding and optimizing lead compounds through combinatorial chemical synthesis and screening compound libraries accelerates the discovery of lead compounds. However, the limitations of traditional compound libraries such as small capacity, long screening cycle, complex separation and purification, and small structural coverage space have resulted in large amounts of target proteins, high screening costs, and high off-target rates, which restrict the speed of new drug development. With the continuous progress of DNA technology, more and more DNA technology methods are applied to the early discovery of new drugs. At present, the DNA encoding library (DEL) has become one of the most effective methods for drug discovery.


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After years of development, Creative Bioarray has developed into a world-class compound library supply platform, and we can currently provide customers with a variety of compound libraries. Adding to the existing ones, we also provide customized compound libraries according to your specific needs.

We let our customers provide information on the compound structure and library building requirements. Creative Bioarray is responsible for the design and implementation of the DNA-encoded compound library. To better assist domestic and foreign pharmaceutical companies, we provide one-stop library construction solutions, including:


Advantages of a customized DNA coding compound library:

  • A large number of synthetic molecules
  • Fast synthesis speed
  • High molecular potential
  • Cost-effective synthesis services
  • High synthesis quality
  • Minimized contamination
  • Flexible cooperation model

Project Process

In the field of drug discovery, the DNA-encoded compound library is a cutting-edge technology that can screen hundreds of millions of compounds and discover lead compounds to support the discovery of new drugs. The establishment of this technology platform has played a significant role in accelerating and optimizing the process of drug development and reducing research and development costs.

Project Process

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