Caspase-1 Antibody

Product Category:
Apoptosis Inducers & Inhibitors


TRAIL is a cytotoxic protein, which activates rapid apoptosis in tumor cells, but not in normal cells. TRAIL induced apoptosis is achieved through binding to two death-signaling receptors, DR4 and DR5. These receptors belong to the TNFR superfamily of transmembrane proteins and contain a cytoplasmic “death domain”, which activates the cell’s apoptotic machinery. Recombinant murine TRAIL is a 174 amino acid polypeptide (20.0 kDa), consisting of the TNF homologous portion of the extracellular domain of the full length TRAIL protein.

Product Information

Product Number
Product Name
TRAIL, murine recombinant
Similar Name
TNF-related apoptosis-inducing Ligand, TNFSF10, Apo2 Ligand, TL2
Storage Conditions
Molecular Weight
20.0 kDa
Lyophilized powder
Shipping Conditions
Gel Pack
E. Coli
Gene ID
Endotoxin Level
< 0.1 ng/μg of protein (<1EU/μg).

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