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Uteroglobin, a member of the Secretoglobin superfamily, also known as Clara cell phospholipid-binding protein, is a multifunctional protein that can exert anti-inflammatory and anti-tumorigenic effects by binding small hydrophobic molecules such as phospholipids and prostaglandins. The small, non-glycosylated protein named for its high levels of expression in pre-implantation embryos, where it exhibits growth stimulatory effects, is produced and secreted by the non-ciliated, non-mucous Clara cells predominant in the epithelial surfaces of pulmonary airways, as well as other non-ciliated epithelia. Members of the Secretoglobin superfamily demonstrate a high level of structural conservation and are characterized as small, secretory homo- or heterodimers. In addition to sequestering pro-inflammatory mediators and carcinogens, Uteroglobin has been implicated in the inhibition of cell migration and invasion, platelet aggregation, and T cell differentiation. Recombinant Human Uteroglobin is an 8.0 kDa homodimeric protein consisting of 142 amino acid residues.

Product Information

Product Number
Product Name
Uteroglobin, human recombinant
Similar Name
Clara cell phospholipid-binding protein, CCPBP, Clara cells 10 kDa secretory protein, CC10, Secretoglobin family 1A member 1, Urinary protein 1, UP-1, UP1, Urine protein 1
Storage Conditions
Molecular Weight
8.0 kDa
Lyophilized powder
Shipping Conditions
Gel Pack
E. Coli
Gene ID
Endotoxin Level
< 0.1 ng/μg of protein (<1EU/μg).

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